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MoNGA Sponsored Insurance
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MoNGA Sponsored

Life Insurance


February 2019


     Since 1967, the Missouri National Guard Association (MoNGA) has had an SSLI Program—or, State Sponsored Life Insurance Program—as authorized by federal law.  An SSLI Program is available in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Guam.  Missouri's program is sponsored (and owned by) the Missouri National Guard Association (MoNGA); in the other states and territories, the program is also sponsored by the state's Guard association.** The general intent of the SSLI Program is to encourage persons to join and remain in the National Guard, ensure the morale and welfare of the Guard, and, simply stated, to take care of soldiers, airmen, Guard retirees, and their families.  Coverage under the program is guaranteed and can commence at any time--even after notification of a mobilization or assignment to a combat zone.  


     An important, key fact about the SSLI program is that participation must begin before an individual formally separates (or ends) service in the National Guard.  Program participants can continue involvement in the program into retirement/separation from the National Guard—but a participant must start their involvement prior to concluding their National Guard service.


     Guard members who elect to take part in the SSLI Program (participation is voluntary) are afforded various levels of life insurance coverage.  An individual does not have to be a member of the Missouri National Guard Association (MoNGA) to take part in the program.  As a matter of fact, as a result of funds generated from the Missouri SSLI Program, a $1,000 “no cost” death benefit is provided by the Missouri National Guard Association to all persons in the Missouri National Guard—even in situations where the Guard member has declined SSLI coverage, is not a member of MoNGA, or the death is non-Guard related.  


     SSLI participants have choices about the extent of coverage they desire.  Payment for the insurance is deducted from the monthly salaries or monthly retirement allotment of program participants.  Federal law gives authority for the salary or allotment deduction for SSLI program participants.


     More narrowly, the Basic SSLI Program provides up to $25,000 life insurance coverage on Guard members, $25,000 on spouses, and $10,000 on children.  There is an Enhanced SSLI Program for persons who desire that provides up to $250,000 on Guard members, $150,000 on spouses, and $25,000 on children.  Coverage continues when a member separates from the National Guard—or regardless of their health condition.  Coverage is provided until age 70.  


     The insurance underwriter for the Missouri SSLI Program is AFBA 5Star, Alexandria, Virginia.  Missouri is among more than twenty other states or territories with an SSLI Program underwritten by AFBA 5Star.  


Inquiries and Questions . . .


     For inquiries and questions about the Missouri SSLI Program, including inquiries and questions about enrolling in the program, email contact can be made to  Dr. Joel D. Denney, MoNGA’s Executive Director; further, inquiries and questions can be made by telephone to the MoNGA office at Missouri National Guard headquarters (573-632-4240).  Persons already enrolled in the SSLI Program who have questions about their coverage or the SSLI coverage of spouses and dependents can contact the SSLI Administrative Office in Staunton, Virginia direct at (toll free) 1-800-462-7441.

** In the states and territories, there is also an SGLI Program, or State Guard Life Insurance Program.  This program is sponsored by the various state Guard units and is separate and distinct from the SSLI Program.  The SGLI Program was begun in 1974.