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Warfighters Need ‘Uncompromised’ Technology, Official SaysOpen in a New Window

Adversaries shouldn’t already have read the manual on a new U.S. gun before the first soldier has had a chance to fire one, the Defense Security Service’s director of counterintelligence said here.


U.S. Nuclear Umbrella Extends to Allies, Partners, Defense Official SaysOpen in a New Window

Allies and partners around the world should and do take comfort in the fact that the U.S. has both the will and the means to use its nuclear weapons, if necessary, to protect them from aggression, the deputy undersecretary of defense for policy said here.


DOD Official: Updated Transgender Policy Based on Treating All With DignityOpen in a New Window

Updates to the Defense Department’s transgender policy now take effect, and defense officials stressed the policy is anchored in the core value of treating all service members with dignity and respect.


Reserve Components Are Focused on Readiness, Leaders SayOpen in a New Window

Readiness was a top priority for both the National Guard and the services’ Reserve components when planning budgets for fiscal year 2020, their leaders told Congress.


Defense Leaders: Space Force Would Build, Accelerate American Space CapabilitiesOpen in a New Window

A United States Space Force would build on and accelerate the advantage the U.S. Air Force has given the American military in space, Acting Defense Secretary Patrick M. Shanahan told the Senate Armed Services Committee.


DOD Comptroller: Overmatch Against China, Russia CriticalOpen in a New Window

The fiscal year 2020 defense budget request is a “strategy-driven budget,” the Defense Department’s comptroller said during a hearing of the Senate Budget Committee.


Shanahan: Next Big War May Be Won or Lost in SpaceOpen in a New Window

The acting defense secretary spoke during the 35th Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, Colorado, an event that brought representatives from the space community to one place to discuss and focus attention on space-related issues and promote dialogue.


DOD Official: ‘Intense Campaign’ Addressing Military Housing IssuesOpen in a New Window

The assistant secretary of defense for sustainment, told lawmakers recently that the military services are aware of problems in privatized housing and have embarked on a series of house calls to let families know they’re going to fix issues they find.


Health Care Transition Looks to Improve Processes for Wartime Missions, BeneficiariesOpen in a New Window

At the direction of Congress, the military health care system is going through a substantial set of changes in its structure and how it will operate, said the Defense Department’s director of cost assessment and program evaluation.


Artificial Intelligence Could Aid Future Background InvestigatorsOpen in a New Window

In the future, artificial intelligence could augment the background investigative work performed by humans, cutting the time it takes and providing a more realistic, in-depth and realistic profile of the individual, the technical director for research and development and technology transfer at the Defense Security Service’s National Background Investigative Services said.


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